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Services Include:
- Preparation of all 5500 Series Forms with Schedules 
   and Attachments

- Valuation of Accounts with Allocation of all Employee           and Employer Contributions, Earnings, Forfeitures,         Transfers, etc.

- Eligibility Determination

- Vesting Calculations

- Complete Testing for IRC Section 415(c) and (e)       Annual Additions, IRC Section 410(b) Minimum           Participation, IRC Section 401(a)(4) General Discrimination,   General Test, Ratio Percentage Test and/or Average   Benefits Test, and Section 416 Top Heavy Test)

- Annual Individual Participant Benefit Statements

- Summary Annual Report

- Written Consents / Resolutions

- Plan Document and Compliance Review

- Employee Enrollment Materials

- Employee Meeting(s)


- New Comparability/ Cross-Testing 

- Contributions Processing
- 401(k) and 401(m) Discrimination Testing

- Roth Contribution Tracking
- Participant Loan Packages
- Hardship Distribution Packages
- Participant Termination Calculations / Packages

-RMD Calculations/ Packages
- Forms 1099-R, 1096 and 945

- Actuarial Valuation (DB/CB plans only)

- QDRO Qualification with Notices
- Schedule B Actuarial Certification (DB/CB plans only)
- P.B.G.C. Actuarial Certification (DB/CB plans only)
- Trust Asset Reconciliation
- Plan Amendments Inclusive of Recitals
- Summary of Material Modifications
- Additional 5500 Series Forms for Multiple Employer Plan
- Form 5330 (Excise Tax)

- Form 8955-SSA



Volume Submitter/ Prototype Adoption Agreements / Plan Installation / Enrollment

Individually prepared and highly specialized document provisions for plans of all sizes. Service includes:

- Basic Plan Document

- Adoption Agreement
- Summary Plan Description
- Statuatory Model Amendments 
- Recitals / Written Consents
- All Required Notices
- Employee Enrollment Materials
- Employee Education and Enrollment Meeting(s)

Retirement Plan Services: Service
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